No Laughing Matter

( F21 top, skirt, & necklace; Target heels )

Actually, it is. You can always tell if I’m laughing in pictures when you can see my gums. It was hard to keep still during this shoot because of the hilarity going on behind the scenes. Trae’s cat (his name is Tigger, although he is nothing like that cute bouncy tiger) decided to make Trae his new rubbing post (is there such a thing? I’m not a cat person), and no matter how many times he got shoved away, he kept going back! Trae was getting frustrated (resulting in mostly blurry photos), and I just found the whole thing to be hilarious.

I wasn’t the only one laughing though. Trae found it humorous that in order to wear this skirt, I basically couldn’t breathe or else the zipper in the back would fall. Even just sitting down makes it come undone! Weird how I didn’t have this problem when trying it on in the dressing room. The only solution I can think of is to buy and sew one of those hooks above the zipper… that and don’t eat for a month. Psych.