Not What It Appears

( F21 top, belt, and bag; Target romper; DSW sandals )

I managed to briefly take outfit shots right before heading over to my aunt’s house for a family barbeque. I’ve noticed that the more and more I mix up my wardrobe, the more my family members nitpick at what I’m wearing. A few nights ago, while wearing this outfit, they complimented on my lovely “dress”. When I told them it was a skirt paired with a separate top, they stared at it as if trying to solve a puzzle. Then today my cousins admired my “shorts”.  I told them it was a romper, which made them grab my collar and look down my shirt as if they didn’t believe me (anyone else doing this would’ve got a smack in the face)! Someone asked, “why didn’t you just wear the romper by itself?” I probably should have since the extra layer of clothing just made me die a little faster in the Texas heat. But what fun would have that been?


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