Oldie but Goodie

( Old Navy dress; Agaci belt; Target wedges )

Even though I procrastinate it until the very end, I actually do enjoy cleaning out my closet when I can. That’s how I came across this dress back from my high school days and decided what the heck? I might as well put it in my 30 for 30 challenge and see if I can create any use out of it. I never used to wear it much because I thought the ruffles made me look bigger than I actually am; silly me, a wide belt would have fixed that problem in no time! See, I’m learning! 😛

Tonight is the Harry Potter premiere for the final movie. And I’m not going. Me and my dad have a tradition of always seeing the Harry Potter movies together (since I was basically ten years old), so we have to wait until Saturday morning to go. Which is fine because I don’t really like seeing movies past midnight since I always fall asleep (did I mention I’m also 70 years old?). But I will admit that I am super jealous of everyone that is seeing it before me… hence I will not be getting on facebook until Saturday (yeahhh hence!) to avoid everyone talking about how great it was! Anyone else have plans to see it? I haven’t been this excited for a movie since The Dark Knight came out!