( F21 shorts and sandals; Wet Seal top; Target cardigan; Gifted ring from Hawaii )

Yesterday I finallyyyy got to see the last Harry Potter movie, and I loved it! There were some parts that they changed up a little, but overall I was pleased. I’m just sad to see it all end! I mean seriously, I grew up with those books! As did millions of other kids, I know. I didn’t cry as I had predicted, but my dad did. Ha! He’s such a softie. He always tells me I get my “emotional-ness” from his side of the family. After the movie, I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. Why? I forgot to mention that we went to the 9:45 AM showing (I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a movie so early), and I had gotten about 6 hours of shut-eye. I couldn’t sleep! I was too excited for the movie… It felt like the feeling I would get when I was little on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to arrive. Is that nerdy of me? At least I’m not the only one… (eh, right?)