Remix Roundup | 30 pieces, 30 Outfits, 30 Days

It’s crazy looking at the past 30 days all in one post. Some of these are my absolute favorites that I will definitely be wearing again, and others, well… probably not. One thing is for sure though; I’ve found a new love for mixing patterns that I never would have been gutsy enough to do before this challenge. It was pretty surprising how totally different pieces meshed together so well. I’ll definitely be doing it more often!

I added some of my own rules during the 30×30 such as wearing each article of clothing and pair of shoes at least twice throughout the whole process. Also, I never wore the same shoes two days in a row which was a bit tricky, but I somehow made it work. I found my nude heels the most difficult to remix; I only wore them with my polka dot skirt because all my other clothes looked a bit too casual to wear them with. Ah well, more room for improvement! 

Here are a couple facts regarding my first 30×30 challenge:

Most Faves: #1, #6, #9, #16, #22, #27, #29

Least Faves: #5, #11, #14, #18, #23, #28

Easiest Remixing Pieces: romper, tan shorts, tribal-print tank

Hardest Remixing Pieces: balloon-print top, gray knit cardigan, nude heels

And (for the last time), you can check out all the pieces I remixed here!
Thanks for all the support! 🙂