Pre-School Jitters

{ F21 top & shorts; Payless wedges; gifted bracelet & sunnies }

The past few days have been so stressful as the first day of school approaches. The books I ordered for my classes were “suddenly” out of stock, so I’m gonna be super unprepared. Great. I’ve also been constantly packing; I keep thinking I’m forgetting something or that I need something else from the store. I’m moving in the majority of my stuff into my apartment tomorrow, and then I’ll be making a 2nd trip with the rest of my junk on Tuesday morning.

First day of school is Wednesday. Then I leave for Orlando on Friday evening. Ugh!! And on top of all that, I won’t be able to take more outfit pics for a couple weeks during school since I’ll 1) be out of town 2) be caught up in school work and 3) my “photographer” will be an hour away except on weekends. Can you tell I’m a bit stressed?