Third Time’s the Charm

{ F21 dress (worn as a skirt), top, belt & flats; necklace from some shop in England }

Last summer, I went to England to visit my dad’s side of the family, and I ended up buying a crap-load of clothes and jewelry. I wanted to have things to wear that I didn’t see on every other girl at the mall or at school. I think most girls enjoy that feeling, right? The problem is that I don’t remember where the heck I bought all my accessories and such, so I’m stuck with describing them as “some shop in England”. Just wanted to clarify I’m not deliberately not telling you where I got my items from, I simply can’t remember. I do, however, remember getting this particular necklace at a grocery store that resembled America’s Walmarts. Fellow Brits, help me out here!

Also, you may or may not have noticed I am, yet again, wearing my dress as a skirt. Yes, this is the 3rd time doing this in my 30×30 challenge, wanna fight about it? Joking. I did something a tad bit different this time though: I flipped the top of the dress inside the bottom part (as opposed to just wearing the whole dress underneath). I was surprised at how simple and non-poofy it was; I should’ve done that for this outfit instead of tucking my shirt into my belt. Now I know!

Happy Weekend!