Photo Scavenger Hunt

My spirit group had a photo scavenger hunt yesterday! I was on the pink team (hence why we are all wearing pink), and it was an awesome time! We had the span of four hours to complete as many tasks as we possibly could, and then all the points would be tallied together to see which team won. There were 100 things we could have done! We didn’t get to do all of them, but we still did a lot! I took a few of my favorite pictures instead of posting all the ones we did (there were so many). We came in second place and only 6 points behind the winning team! Here’s a list of some of the things we had to do in order to explain the above photos:

1. Have entire team do a hand-stand
2. Have entire team fit into one shower
3. Take a picture with a sweaty stranger
4. Take a picture with a mascot
5. Act as mannequins in a display window
6. Have entire team wrapped in toilet paper
7. Have entire team ignore a warning label
8. Have team dress like hipsters
9. Make a pyramid with a stranger on top
10. Dress as a boy-band
11. Make an etch-a-sketch portrait of your team
12. Deface a newspaper
13. Sit at a bar in a diner
14. Wrap a stranger in Christmas lights
15. Pretend a stranger farted
16. Bend spoons with your mind