{ Express sweater; Target jeans; GoJane boots; Old Navy bag; Aldo sunglasses; vintage belt }

I think I’ve found my new favorite place to take outfit photos. How can you not love that Austin skyline? It makes me proud to live in such a vibrant city that some people can only dream about. I am blessed! I found this spot while going to the mall and parking on the opposite side of where we usually park. I couldn’t believe I had never seen it before. I got some questioning glances from onlooking shoppers passing by in the parking lot, but as the custodian in the food-court told me that day, “haters gonna hate.” Indeed.

It seems these jeans have become a bit popular with the fashion-bogging world. I saw the exact same pair on three other girls worn here, here, and here. At first I was hesitant to buy such a bold print for jeans thinking, “when the hell am I ever going to wear these?” But seeing them styled so differently in three examples makes me feel a lot more confident with my purchase. Target never fails me! Part of me even wants to go back and buy the gray ones! Can I resist…?