Capitol Couture

{ F21 top, shorts, & belt; Target sandals; thrifted bracelets; gifted sunnies }

This past Sunday, my spirit group and I took a trip down to our Texas Capitol! I can’t believe I’ve lived in this great city for 3 years but have never paid a visit to the capitol! I thought we were going to have to drive there, but it turns out it’s only a 5 minute walk from my university! Who knew?

We all got some Chipotle (burritos anyone?) take-out for lunch and ate on the capitol’s front lawn. It was such a nice day out; I’m glad I made myself go instead of spending my usual Sunday cooped up in my bed haha. After lunch, we went inside for a formal tour and got to see the Senate room and the House of Representatives room where all state laws are discussed. It was an awesome experience!