The Girl on Fire

{ gifted top; F21 skirt, belt & necklace; Target shoes; tights }

I hate how my pictures look indoors, but these were taken at night so I didn’t have a choice! So sorry for the horrible lighting. Blehh. But now you have a small glimpse into my tiny apartment haha! The doors behind me and to my right are my two roommates’ rooms!

I wore this last night right before going to see The Hunger Games movie! I wanted to wear colors (check the nails!) that enveloped the main character’s metaphor as “The Girl On Fire,” and I added a feather necklace to represent the Mockingjay bird! I was going to do a side braid like Katniss’ hair, but my layers just weren’t having it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about (or if you live under a rock), you should definitely read the books!