{ F21 dress, belt & bracelet; River Island necklace; GoJane wedges }

Trae and I’s two year anniversary is tomorrow! Since he has to go back to San Antonio today, we decided to celebrate last night. We went to a seafood restaurant called Perla’s and had their oysters, scallops, and swordfish. Yummmm. I was so stuffed! We then got some ice cream and walked around South Congress (a street with tons of restaurants, shops, bars, boutiques, and food trucks). Fun!

Trae got me this dress for Christmas this past year, and I absolutely adore it! I don’t have many long-sleeved dresses, so it’s nice to wear something different for a change. Is it just me, or do all these colors on one dress make me look like a Picasso painting? Meh. I still dig it.