Sunny Side Up

{ F21 dress (worn underneath) & skirt; Target bag & sandals; Aldo sunnies & earrings; Agaci belt; gifted bracelet }

I adore this skirt; it’s so comfortable! It feels like I’m wearing a blanket while I’m out and about. The print is meant to be some daisy-like florals, but sometimes when I look at it, all I see are sunny-side-up eggs! No wonder I suddenly become hungry every time I wear it…

My mom saw my outfit for today and immediately said, “I need to borrow that top” to which I responded, “It’s a dress.” She gave me a look as if my hair had just turned green, haha! It’s true though, I love layering under or over dresses. It widens my wardrobe ten-fold! A few examples are here, here, and here. You can see me wearing this dress in it’s entirety in my Las Vegas post from last month. Happy Monday! 🙂