What Winter?

{ F21 top & pants; Target cardigan & wedges; gifted ring & sunnies }

Happy Saturday everyone! I keep forgetting that we’re in the month of March now; I know there are still a couple more weeks of winter, but for me, March = spring automatically. It may be different elsewhere, but in Texas the weather usually starts to warm up by now! However, we haven’t really had much of a winter to begin with. I feel like the coldest we’ve gotten is around a high in the 50s which honestly isn’t that much! On the one hand, I love that about Austin, but on the other, I really wanted to wear my coats! Laaame.
Maybe next year.

This weekend is devoted to fixing the Green Goblin aka my car (what, you don’t have a name for your car? c’mon, sure ya do). Two weeks ago I randomly felt like going to Target, but when I turned on my car it just made a pfffffft noise and died as if to say, “oh you wanted to go somewhere? Nahhh I don’t think so.” So yeah, the Goblin hates me right now even though it was working just fine when I drove it last. Pshh, cars. So moody.