The Go-To Cardigan

{ F21 dress, boots, & belt; Express cardigan; gifted earrings & bracelet }

I’m pretty sure this is the first post where I wear this cardigan… which is odd because it’s my most used piece in my closet! The neutral tone allows it to go with just about anything! I always make a grab for it when I know I’m going to be somewhere cold or if I want to add a bit of layering to an outfit.

In other random news, Android phones finally got the Instagram app which was a “HALLELUJAH” moment for me! If I ever wanted to use it before, I would always have to borrow Trae’s iPhone which can get pretty tedious. So if you have Instagram, you can follow me here! 🙂


p.s.// I completely forgot to mention my interview over
at Jessica Chronicled the other day! Check it out!