{ Cotton On dress; F21 blazer & ring; Kohls wedges; Hot Topic pin; gifted bracelet; vintage belt }

Why yes, that is the mockingjay pin and yes, I have no shame wearing it in public. My friend – who is equally as obsessed as I am – and I both rushed into Hot Topic and found out they had just restocked on the pins that day; lucky us! I haven’t been that excited to go into a Hot Topic since I was a weird little preteen. Oh, the awkwardness!

These shoes and I have had a Romeo & Juliet kind of love ever since I first saw them; no one wanted us to be together! I found them first at Steve Madden, and they were a little over $100; my heart sunk. I grudgingly had to pull myself away. But low and behold, they reappeared to me in a cheaper form at Kohls for WAY less! Unlike Romeo & Juliet, me and these shoes had a happy ending after all. *tear*