Scam Story

{ F21 top, skirt, & belt; gifted rose ring; James Avery silver ring; Kohls heels }

I wore this outfit for what I thought was an interview with a travel agency woman who apparently owned her own business. Turns out, the woman was just meeting me to try and get me to go to a lecture about how you can earn money by selling things from door to door. They were even asking for a deposit just to work with them. Um, is this a joke? She wouldn’t outright say it of course; she was being really shady and avoiding my questions. Once it clicked that this wasn’t what I signed up for, I came up with a billion excuses to get out of it. It went something like this:

 Me: Oh, I don’t have enough gas in my car to go.
Her: You can ride with me!
Me: I actually got accepted to another job I think I will do instead.
Her: You should come anyway to hear what they have to say!
Me: I don’t have enough money to pay the deposit.
Her: I’ll pay it for you!

 Oh. My. Gosh. I thought I was actually going to get stuck having to attend this thing and waste two hours of my time. Finally, after she followed me to the gas station to put gas in my car (yeah, seriously creepy), I just got out and told her I was not interested. After a lecture about “if I don’t try things, I’ll never know,” she finally left me alone. I drove away but kept glancing up at my rear-view mirror to make sure I wasn’t being followed haha you never know! What a weird experience…