Seattle Art

The very first thing I noticed after just a few hours of touring around Seattle: Art. Art everywhere. On buildings, in parks, sidewalks, by the waterfront, heck even in my latte! Trae and I didn’t even feel the need to pay to go to any art museums because there was just so much all around us. There was even an entire park dedicated to artistic sculptures where people could be seen exercising or just chilling on the grass. It was simply gorgeous!

In case you’re wondering what’s behind me in the picture where I’m making a grossed out face, it’s gum. Yup. Chewed gum from people all over Seattle as well as all over the world. Trae and I didn’t have any gum on hand so we weren’t able to participate (not sure if that’s a good thing or not), but it was still the craziest (and most disgusting) tourist attraction I had experienced during my stay! I’m not sure how the Gum Wall began, or why the city even allowed it to continue.. It was just so weird! In a cool way. Austin is weird too, but even I don’t think we’re that weird. Looks like we gotta step up our game!