What the Kids are Wearing

{ F21 top, ring, & flats | skirt c/o Sugarlips | vintage belt & watch | Target sunnies | Nine West bag }

I wore this outfit to a recent family outing and as I was saying hello to everyone, my grandma gave me a quizzical look and said, “That doesn’t match.” I was kind of taken aback not knowing how to respond to that. Uhhh… thanks? To break the awkwardness, she quickly said, “But that’s what the kids are wearing these days, right? Mismatched clothes?” lol! Nice save, Grams.

Regardless if I match or not, I’m still obsessing over this skirt. It has two effects on me: one where I just wanna twirl around like a little schoolgirl (I’m so mature), and two, one that makes me wanna pick up an accordion to play. Besides that, I adore these three different colors implemented! I mean seriously, color-blocking and pleats all in one skirt?! Yes please!