Bad Teacher

{ Marshalls top | Sugarlips skirt | mom’s belt | Target shoes | James Avery ring | Firmoo glasses }

Apparently once I put on glasses, I immediately look like a teacher. Or at least my mom thinks so. Too bad there’s nothing useful I can teach except maybe how to put things off until the last minute and still look like you put some effort into it. Like this blog post! Just kidding, I wouldn’t do that to you guys. /pinky swear

I’ve never worn glasses on the blog before, but when I got these beauties from Firmoo I just knew I had to show them off! I love their wayfarer frames, and the amber color is great for a more laid-back look. Firmoo is a global brand that has fashionable glasses, sunglasses, and they’ll even take your prescription for a custom pair! The ones I’m wearing are only eight dollars! Seriously. If eight bucks is all it takes to make me look smart, sign me up.