Remix Roundup | Seattle Outfits

{ F21 top, denim top, black jeans | Express cardigan | Target sandals | Fossil bag }

{ F21 red pants | thrifted top | Express cardigan | Sketchers sandals | Target sunnies }

{ F21 top, belt, & pants | Express cardigan | Target sunnies | Fossil bag | thrifted bracelet & ring }

{ F21 top, denim top, ring, & pants | Target sunnies | Fossil bag | thrifted bracelet | vintage watch }

{ F21 top & denim top | Target belt | thrifted shorts | Target sandals | Fossil bag }

{ F21 top & pants | Sketchers sandals | Fossil bag | thrifted bangle | boutique sunnies }

Last Seattle post, promise!

Stupid me didn’t even think to take outfit photos while I was in Seattle (what kind of fashion blogger am I?), so I thought I’d do my best to put together a few candid shots of what I wore during our trip! A lot of remixing was going on, especially with my denim top (which acted as the perfect lightweight jacket) and Express cardigan, but you can also see a couple different outfits using my red denim pants and my black & white cheetah print pants. Not too shabby.

I also stuck with the same purse everyday because, in my opinion, a cross-body bag is so much easier than lugging around my giant shoulder bag everywhere. Plus, I alternated back and forth between my Sketchers sandals & Target sandals which were the easiest solutions to all the walking we did (plus their neutral tones go with everything!). Mixing & matching these tops & bottoms made packing a whole lot simpler, I must say. Plus it left some extra room for all the shopping & souvenirs we brought back home 🙂