Southern Living

{ ASOS dress & belt | F21 bracelet | Wanted wedges | vintage gold ring | mom’s hat }

I feel like a true southern belle in this dress. Like the kind I saw in the movie, “The Help” with all their prim and proper glory. All I’m missing is some sweet tea while sitting in a workshire rocking chair on an old fashioned front porch, not a care in the world. Now that’s living.

Unfortunately, my version of southern living these past couple of days has revolved around wearing my pjs all day, a box of oreo cookies by my side, my bed to keep me company, and lots of Netflix. You might be thinking, “She must be getting over a tough breakup.” Nope, I’ve just been trying to get all the lazy out of my system before school starts (next week, eep!). It’s a great plan which probably won’t last long, but at least I’m giving it a shot!