My Room in Pieces

It’s weird seeing my room in photographs! I never realized how many animal-themed pieces I have in there… I guess I’m just a fan of birds, owls, elephants, and fox pillows. Keep in mind this is only my room at my parent’s house when I’m there for the summer. My apartment room here in Austin is much smaller with not near as much space to put all my lovely trinkets. Sacrifices, people.

A lot of the decor in my room is either vintage, thrifted, or passed down. Like the dishes I keep my jewelry in which were found at a yard sale or the pictures you see hung on my wall that my grandma let me have (with the exception of “Do What You Love” which I found on sale at Target). I like to have things out where I can see them which is why I have my shoes, perfumes, and jewelry out for a quick grab-and-go. If they were tucked away in boxes, I swear I would just forget about them!