Three Prints + Three Excuses

{ F21 top, belt, & shorts | Kohls loafers | Target bag | thrifted braccelet | vintage watch }

When you see my hair up in a bun you’re safe to assume one of three things: 1) Rachel was too lazy to wash her hair today, 2) it must suck to have long hair during the summer in Texas, or 3) Rachel has given up with that nest on her head. Today is a combination of all three.

But despite my intolerance of my own hair, I promise I still put an effort into what I wear. These are the three main prints I always tend to stick with: floral, stripes, and leopard. Separately, they seem to go with just about anything, so smarty-pants me thought, “why not put them together?” Apparently, this is what happens. Yay or nay?