This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
For this post I thought I’d share a few
costumes I’ve dawned in years past! πŸ™‚

2008: This was during my senior year of highschool, and my two best friends and I decided to go as bugs. One of my biggest fears is BEES, so it only makes sense that I was a bee. Right? We spent this year at our school’s “Mr. Madison” competition (a competition for senior boys, kind of like a talent show) because all of our then-boyfriends were in it. Fun times.

2009: First year of college! My friends made the trip up to Austin, and we all walked around 6th Street taking pictures with other folks in awesome costumes. Looking back, it was kind of dumb to go downtown because it’s not like we could actually do anything being underage, haha. Still, I loved our matching “Alice in Wonderland” costumes!

2010: This was my first Halloween with Trae, and we spent it with my family trick-or-treating around my Aunt’s neighborhood with all the kiddos. I was super lazy with my costume that year as you can see!

2011: Last year’s Halloween was sooo much fun! Trae and I went as our favorite arch enemies, Batman & Joker. I tried to spray paint my hair green, but my hair was just not having it. Fail. We spent our night at a skating party with friends!

Not many people can tell who I am this year… Can you?