Post Grad

Longest blogging break ever? Yeah.

Of all the blogging tips I’ve read before starting this blog, I never once saw anything that told me how difficult keeping up with your blog would be after college. I don’t even know how women with actual full time jobs and kids can handle it, so what’s my excuse? I never wanted to take a break from blogging, but honestly, the stress of finding a job, graduating, and maintaining a social life really took its toll. I was trying to find a happy medium between DF and getting to enjoy my senior year of college, but I guess the latter ended up becoming my main focus. I have no regrets about it, but I’d like to find some practical way of transitioning back into the blogging world. I’ve missed it!

So, post grad life. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The beginning of summer was filled with everyone hanging out with everyone before people either moved away for a new job/graduate school or moved back home for the time being. I took some time off to spend time with friends (especially the ones I knew I wasn’t going to see for a long time), and I also went on a cross-country road trip from Austin to Boston. The two weeks I spent in New England were probably the peak of my year thus far. Exploring the historic sights of Boston, driving up to Maine just for lobster, swimming in Lake Winnipesaukee on the 4th of July… it was amazing! Coming back home was tough because I knew there were responsibilities waiting on me, but such is life I guess.

I’m currently still searching in the job market. I’ve got a couple interviews in the works, so hopefully things will work out! I’ll keep ya posted.

Photo cred: Becca Gamache Photography