Nautical Nonsense

{ f21 top; roommate’s skirt; American Eagle wedges; Target sunnies; UO watch }

I feel kinda bad filing this outfit under “autumn” when there’s not much anything autumn about it. But this blog guaranteed to document what I wore, and well, this was it. It’s a shame we don’t have any famous lighthouses in Texas that I can take photos in front of, otherwise this outfit would totally make sense. Yes, that’s my train of thought: red stripes + navy = lighthouse chic… or the American flag.

Has anyone else experienced the total awesomeness of sharing clothes with a roommate? This outfit wouldn’t have existed without a whole different closet to help me out. I wanted a navy skirt to pair this top with (not sure how I don’t own one myself), so my roommate came to my rescue! She’s my hero. Like Batman, only prettier.

p.s. If you know where I stole this title from, we are automatically best friends.