Snapshots | September

  • I went downtown during the first weekend of the month and got to hang out with some old friends. We went to a bar I had never heard of that played some fun music, it was a good time!
  • Autumn means football season! I got to go to a game at my Alma mater and relive my college years (which was only less than a year ago haha). I had a lot of fun + we won the game so that made it even better!
  • My roommate introduced me to the coolest graffiti park in Austin! I totally plan on going back in October and do some more exploring.
  • I took a quick roadtrip to visit my parents in San Antonio. Pumpkin Spice latte on hand, of course.
  • I’m all about red lips this season. I hope this pic doesn’t count as “duck face”. If it does, I apologize.
  • Austin got so much rain this month! Everyone was freaking out. I’m just glad I didn’t get stuck walking/driving in it!
  • The first day of fall had some of the best weather I’ve seen all year! Some friends and I went to a park that was also right next to a river. Lots of people brought their dogs too, it was such a great day!
  • If you know me or even  if you just follow me on Twitter, you know I’m obsessed with the show Breaking Bad. I saw this photo in People Magazine of the cast celebrating their Emmy win, and it made me so sad that the show was ending! Did anyone else watch the finale last night?
  • It’s still hot enough to be sporting bare legs outside, so I’m taking advantage of it while I can! I bought these beauties in high school and forgot I had them until now!

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