The Maine Event

I would never have forgiven myself if I went all the way to New England and didn’t get to visit Maine. I have always wanted to go! Plus, it has been on my bucket-list for years to eat authentic Maine lobster, and I was determined to make it happen. So I researched where the Man vs Food guy went when he went to Maine, and the location (The Lobster Shack) was near the bottom of the state which is only about an hour & 1/2 drive! I love how everything up north is only a short drive away. In an hour & 1/2 I was able to cross an entire state to get to another one. In Texas, if you drove that long, you’d still be in Texas. There is no escaping.

Needless to say, the lobster was amaaazing and so worth the trip. For just $20, I was able to get an entire lobster, side of fries, coleslaw, 2 biscuits & a drink. What is this I don’t even… This is just unheard of in Texas. A lobster tail alone costs about $30 down here. I was blown away. Everything was so fresh and delicious; I am not exaggerating when I say that I was in pure heaven.

One thing I loved about The Lobster Shack was the scenery! Their outdoor seating area literally overlooks the Atlantic Ocean where the lobsters they serve come from, how awesome is that? After we finished eating, we walked down the rocky shore to the beach to do a little exploring. It was pretty chilly so no swimming was involved, but seriously, what an awesome place! Just behind the restaurant is the coolest view of the Cape Elizabeth lighthouse. I only wish we had time to take a tour of it! Maybe next time.

After lunch at The Lobster Shack, we drove about 20 minutes north to Maine’s most visited city, Portland. It was a super cute place with lots of statues, shops, restaurants, and we even spotted a couple small decorated lighthouses on display throughout the city. The weather was somewhere in the 60s, and I was SO cold! People were walking around in shorts, yet there I was bundled up in my jacket, hood up and all, jeans and teeth chattering. I might as well have been wearing a sign reading, “I’M NOT FROM HERE.”

I forgot to take more pictures around Portland, but the one place I did manage to snap a couple photos was at this hole in the wall restaurant (we actually walked right past it even though we were using a map) called Duck Fat. The name truly fits because everything is cooked in, you guessed it, duck fat. The place was tiny, you’re basically elbow to elbow with your neighbor at the counter you eat on! Duck Fat served this Canadian dish, which can also be found in New England, called Poutine. I didn’t even know what it was, I just ordered it. I love trying new things! I found out Poutine is basically just fries topped with cheese curds, gravy and chives. It was okay, but nothing too exciting for me. I’m sorry to all you Poutine lovers! I guess I just don’t get it. Don’t hate me.

I had the best day trip in Maine, and I already can’t wait to go back someday! I just have one last post from my New England trip, and it’s my favorite one of all: Boston!