Welp, almost every blogger does one of these at some point, so here’s mine.

Currently I am…

Making: up my mind on what I wanna be for Halloween. Be something different, or go as a cat and save money. These are the thoughts that keep me up at night.

Cooking: does heating up leftovers in the microwave count as cooking?

Drinking: chai tea. It’s my weakness.

Reading: A Feast for Crows (4th book of Game of Thrones series) although it’s been quite a while.

Wanting: Cable. Netflix can only do so much. I hate missing out on my favorite shows! Sigh.

Missing: Breaking Bad. I always looked forward to Sunday nights, and now there’s just an empty hole there. I need a new show to get addicted to, but I honestly don’t think it’s possible. Maybe next decade.

Looking: through old blog posts and not understanding why I sound so corny sometimes.

Playing: Words With Friends with some stranger who keeps beating me with the word “QI”. Arghh !@#$%

Wasting: time looking at ModCloth’s new fall arrivals knowing I can’t afford any of it.

Wishing: I had enough money to see Book of Mormon showing in Austin this week. I want to see it more than anything!

Enjoying: this episode of How I Met Your Mother. I am breezing past these seasons on Netflix!

Waiting: impatiently for tomorrow. My boyfriend is visiting from Massachusetts, and I am over the moon excited!

Liking: way too many pictures of these two dachshunds on Instagram. They are just TOO CUTE. I can’t handle it.

Wondering: where my roommate is. I’m sick of talking to myself today.

Loving: Grouplove’s new album “Spreading Rumours.” I haven’t stopped listening to it since last Friday night when I saw their show!

Hoping: this weekend brings good weather. I’m going to the state fair up in Dallas for the first time. It should be a blast! Apparently everything is fried there. I can’t wait.

Marveling: at the fact that Charlotte Russe shared my blog post on Instagram/Twitter last night. It was my 15 minutes of fame moment, haha!

Needing: a nap. Okay, I don’t need a nap. But one would be nice.

Smelling: my pumpkin scented candle. I love it so much.

Wearing: plaid. Again. I basically live in plaid this season. Oh yeah, and other clothes that aren’t as important.

Following: @CuteEmergency on twitter was probably the smartest choice I’ve made all week.

Noticing: my Harry Potter henna tattoo is fading. It was fun while it lasted!

Thinking: “I should probably finish painting my other hand’s nails.”

Knowing: I can’t finish painting my nails yet. I need this hand to do things! Productive things.

Bookmarking: this Buzzfeed page about things Austinites love. It’s just so true.

Opening: the curtains because it is just too dang beautiful outside.

Giggling: at this “Typical Girl Tattoo Form” photo. As a girl who could never commit to a tattoo, I laughed.

Feeling: ready for a change. I think I’ll start with my apartment’s a/c temperature.