Snapshots | October

  • I had one goal for the month of October: make my apartment spell like a pumpkin. Mission accomplished.
  • This was my attempt at fall decor on a poor girl’s budget. I love candy skulls! I’d put them all over my place if I could, but that would probably worry some people.
  • My boyfriend Matt came to visit Austin for a week! We spent his first full day visiting our Alma Mater and hanging out on the front lawn enjoying the weather. 🙂
  • I went to the Texas State Fair a couple weeks ago for the first time, and it was so much fun! My college football team won the game that day which made it even better!
  • I haven’t had Instagram-worthy food in a long time, but this was definitely one of those moments. Sooo good!
  • I hope this isn’t too weird, but I love creepy Halloween decor. It always makes me laugh! I wanna decorate my future house full of Halloween stuff. Be one of those people in the neighborhood, haha.
  • Visiting the pumpkin patch this month was so fun! I usually just buy one from my grocery store, but getting one from a patch felt more authentic, y’know?
  • I found this Twiggy painting etched on the wall at Austin’s local graffiti park! I’m kind of in love with it. I never get tired of that place!
  • I went to a Halloween party last week and got to see lots of old friends! I dressed up as a cat because I already had the ears and didn’t feel like spending money. Hopefully next year I’ll try something not-so-lame!