Plaid to the Bone

{ Agaci plaid shirt; f21 crop top, belt, & skirt; thrifted loafers; UO watch; Firmoo glasses }

I avoid plaid like the plague during the summer, but when fall rolls around I am all about the print. Wearing plaid is my way of publicly declaring “YOU GUYS. IT’S FALL. BE EXCITED.” That and also buying all those various autumn scented candles at Bath & Body Works. I’m only slightly obsessed with making my room smell like a pumpkin.

I used to completely stay away from plaid for the longest time up until a couple years ago. Why? Once upon a time a younger, even more weird, version of me enjoyed wearing lots of plaid in middle school just to show how “punk” I was. Yeah, I know. Cringe. So after that, I basically associated plaid with my awkward preteen years and never wanted anything to do with it. Thankfully with a lot of therapy (kidding) I was able to put it behind me, and all is right with the world again. Maybe punk isn’t dead after all…