While driving around Austin about a month ago, I saw a random white tree floating above a lake and had to do a double-take just to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. What was this mystical thing and why is it here? I had to investigate. Matt and I made the short trip down to Town Lake to see what the deal was and turns out, the tree is an artistic representation of all the trees that died in 2011. The sign in the above photo reads this:

“This temporary installation encourages us all to consider our relationships to water, our most precious natural resource, and memorializes the loss of the 300 million trees that died in the Texas drought of 2011. The iconic tree on the lake and the 14,000 prayer flag meditation walk on the trail acknowledge the devastating impact of drought in Austin and beyond. The goal of Thirst is to make the horrific loss visible while promoting the incorporation of conservation and sustainability into our daily lives.”

Pretty intersting stuff. I love when Austin puts on unique displays such as this. The tree is only going to be there until December 20th, so if you’re in the Austin area you should definitely check it out!