Currently Craving | Birthday Picks

1. Outer Bank on It Sandal in Yellow

2. Sweet Dreams Pillowcase Set

3. Hooray Sports tank

4. Poise and Click Dress

5. Know a Trick or Two Tights

6. Doll Over Town Flats in Red

7. Owl I Need Shoulder Bag

8. My Kind of Pie Dress

9. See You Round Polka Dot Skirt

10. Cards Against Humanity Game

11. Southwestern Style Scarf

It’s probably no surprise that November is my favorite month of the year! Colder weather, Thanksgiving, everyone starts getting more cheery because Christmas is right around the corner, and my birthday! This wishlist is mainly just a bunch of stuff I’ve had my eye on for awhile. Most of it is from ModCloth so it probably will never happen, but a girl can dream, right?? This year I’ll be flying up to Boston for my birthday, and I can’t wait! Should be a great month 🙂