Snapshots | November

A day late as usual. December really snuck up on me this year! Probably because November was such a fun month! These were a few of my favorite moments:

  • Most of my mornings looked just like this. Cozy sweater, chai tea latte in hand, and plenty of Netflix.
  • This is what Austin looked like the day before I left for Boston. Such a gorgeous day! Glad I got to spend some of it outside before packing for the trip!
  • I think this one speaks for itself, haha. I was so happy to be back!
  • This is Copper, he loves going on walks and playing in the leaves! We have that in common.
  • Boston is such an awesome city, I never get sick of it! Plus it was nice being in actual cold weather and finally getting to wear my sweaters/boots!
  • The warm colors in the Boston Common were breathtaking. I wish Texas got to experience an autumn like this!
  • My birthday! I ended the day with a slice of blueberry cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory (of course). Sooo good.
  • I have so many pictures in my phone of the fallen leaves. It’s kind of ridiculous, but I just couldn’t help myself!
  • I had two Thanksgiving meals this year, one at my mom’s and one with my dad. I probably ate way too much, but isn’t that what the holidays are all about? 😉

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