Snapshots | January

  • I kicked off January (and the new year) in Cambridge, Massachusetts at a concert to see a “funk rock” band called Bad Rabbits! It definitely topped every previous NYE I ever had!
  • This was during the northeast snow storm that hit early January! I was so excited to venture out into the fresh fallen snow for the first time.
  • Lots of days in Massachusetts were spent like this. Just hanging out inside, watching the snow, and keeping cozy.
  • My first time sledding! It was actually kind of scary, or maybe I’m just a wuss haha. It was still fun though!
  • Back in Austin. Back to warmer temperatures. It was good to be home!
  • This was at my friend’s bridal shower! Her wedding is next week, and I’m a bridesmaid! I’m so excited for her big day (as you can tell from my facial expression 😉 haha)!
  • A quick snapshot on a lazy Sunday. Pretty sure I spent this whole day watching Game of Thrones. A day well spent, obviously.
  • Snow in Austin! It was barely anything at all, but it was enough to make the entire city basically shut down. Oh, Texans…
  • The best part of January: I got a job!! I now work full-time for a digital marketing company, and I couldn’t be happier! Seriously, after months of nothing but interviews, this was the biggest weight off my shoulders.

According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2014 is the Year of the Horse (which is my zodiac sign)! I think it really will be a good year for me, and judging from all the luck I had in January, it’s already off to a great start! Bring it on, February.