Winter Wonderland in New England

{ f21 coat & plaid; Old Navy sweater; Target pants, vest, & gloves; Cotton On scarf; GoJane boots }

I’m normally just a “5 or 6 photos per post” kinda blogger, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. It snowed so much these past couple of days, and everything just looked so gorgeous outside! I’m trying to take advantage of these snowy backgrounds before I head back to Texas (where it’s usually hard to tell exactly what season we’re in).

Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to stay out in the snow wearing this for much longer otherwise I might have froze to death, which would have been a sucky way to end a vacation. So awhile later I put on some borrowed clothing made especially for snow that I have never had a need for in my life and finally went outside to play! And by “play” I mean I made one snow angel and then ran back inside for some hot chocolate. What a day!