Stoop Kid

Despite what my posts may suggest, I’m not always playing tourist in Boston. By this point I feel like I’ve been so many times that I’ve done all the touristy stuff (hopefully not true). One of my favorite, more low-key parts of Boston are the cute neighborhoods on the south end with their close-knit streets and local cafes. Everything is just a walk away! There’s even a beach just a few blocks behind me in these photos. I’m telling ya, these Bostonians have it made.

Oh, and the stoops! I love stoops, is that weird to say? It’s probably because we don’t really have them here in Austin. I love how homey they look and the way people decorate them differently. To all my fellow 90’s kids, do you remember that episode of “Hey Arnold!” where Stoop Kid refused to leave his stoop? I now get where he was coming from. And yes, I decided to name my post after a cartoon episode (which I also did here and here). I have a problem, okay?

Outfit details:
TJ Maxx crop top
Thrifted American Apparel skirt (similar)
Target sunglasses
F21 necklace
Moda Luna Boutique sandals