The Climb (Charlestown, MA)

The Bunker Hill Monument stands in Charlestown across the river from Boston and is basically the endpoint for the Freedom Trail. Last summer Matthew and I did the entire Freedom Trail in one day, but when we finally made it to Bunker Hill, we were just 5 minutes past closing time! Huge bummer. But I knew if I ever came back, I would make it a point to go back and climb my way to the top.

And climb we did, all 294 steps (which is baaasically 300, right? Let’s go with that). I’ve climbed higher than Bunker Hill in the past, so I went in with a “psshh, this is gonna be easy” attitude. By step 50 I was just about ready to pass out. I suppose that’s what happens when you sit on your butt during work for forty hours a week! I assumed that if I at least wore proper shoes for the venture that I would be spared any pain later on, but no. For the next  five days, my calves were in agony! But the view from the top was nice. And on the bright side, I never have to do it again! Haha (but seriously).

Outfit details:
TJ Maxx overalls
TJ Maxx crop top (similar)
Target sunglasses
F21 necklace
Old Navy backpack (super old)
Chaco sandals (similar)