Grumpy Cat mug

mug can be bought here.

Currently I am…

Making: a mess in my room, trying to pack everything at once. Move-out day is comin’ up.
Cooking: not much lately. Does oatmeal count?
Drinking: coffee, which I’ve been drinking since starting my new job in January. I’m a grown-up now, you guys.
Reading: more like re-reading the first Game of Thrones book. I’ve come to find out I never seem to enjoy the books that are “so hot right now” (cough The Fault in Our Stars cough).
Wanting: the last season of How I Met Your Mother to be put on Netflix.
Missing: Summer vacations. Like real summer vacations where I get 3 months off. I don’t get those anymore and watching my friends travelling the world on Instagram has been torture.
Looking: forward to August being over. I hate this month.
Playing: an imaginary game of “let’s see how long I can live off cans of tuna and oatmeal before I fold and make myself go grocery shopping.”
Giggling: at this hilarious collection of Vines (numbers 13, 22, and 28 especially).
Wishing: all the people I love would just stay in Austin and stop moving away.
Enjoying: any private time I can get nowadays.
Waiting: to move out of this tiny apartment and into some actual open space.
Liking: my new Grumpy Cat mug. It’s so fitting for mornings like these.
Wondering: if I’m either a genius or a psycho to have already started my Christmas shopping. Judge away.
Loving: this new grocery-delivery service I found out about called Instacart. I tried it a few weeks ago, and it was glorious. Too cheap to use it again though.
Creating: a new blog design, stay tuned!
Marveling: at how comfortable boyfriend jeans feel. Why didn’t I hop on this trend sooner?!
Needing: a home-cooked meal. I miss them.
Smelling: my morning coffee, the best smell in the world.
Wearing: this gingham cotton dress (that I wore in my last outfit post) which I’ve basically been living in ever since I got it.
Following: this kid on Instagram who dresses better than me AND has his own business. Everyone everywhere officially needs to step their game up.
Thinking: “I wonder where that cockroach in my bathroom is hiding.”
Knowing: I will not be going to look for that cockroach.
Bookmarking: this website that live streams old Nickelodeon cartoons as well as the commercials that played in the 90’s!
Noticing: my wisdom teeth coming in fast. I’ll admit that I’m terrified to go have them taken out…
Hoping: for life to slow down soon.
Feeling: Honestly? It’s a small combination of guilty, uncomfortable, and sad. A friend of mine recently moved to NYC, and I didn’t get a chance make an effort to say goodbye (I feel awful about it). Right now I’m living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with 3 people, and although it hasn’t been a big problem or anything, it’s not ideal. On top of all this, a huge part of my (and millions of others’) childhood passed away on Monday, and my heart just aches for him and everyone close to him.
Planning: on watching a Robin Williams movie marathon this weekend.

Man, I probably shouldn’t have done this post while I was feeling down in the dumps, but oh well. What are you currently up to?