What’s in a Name?

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Surprise! Or if you follow my blog on Facebook, you may have gotten a notification about this last night, haha. I have decided to change the name of my blog and start the process of rebranding (eek!). I have been wanting something new for the longest time, but I could never commit in fear of losing readers or just having it become a complete failure. When I first discovered fashion blogging, I was 19; then a few months later I was finally inspired enough to start my own blog. I couldn’t wait to get started, like literally could not wait. I thought of the first cutesy name that popped into my head, checked to see if it was available for a domain, and bam that was it. 

Back then I mainly followed blogs who also had cutesy names like Delightfully Tacky, Little Chief Honeybee (who also recently changed her blog name!), Skunkboy Creatures, etc, and I wanted to have a blog name as unique as theirs. I loved the name I chose at the time but had made a huge rookie mistake: I didn’t Google the name before settling on it. I just assumed no one else would come up with that combination of words, but I was wrong (I’ve learned that most ideas you think are original have already been thought of by others as well). There’s an actual rock band that made up the name about a year before I had, but when I finally realized it, I had already developed a decent following to the point where I felt like it was too late to do anything about it. Again, rookie mistake.

That’s not the main reason I wanted to change the title though. I think the name “Daydream Frenzy” simply no longer fits the direction I want this blog to go in anymore. I wanted a more standard title that could still hold true and make sense 10 years down the road (should I even continue to blog for that long), but I also wanted a title that wouldn’t tie me down to just a style blog. I needed something plain & simple (which is also what I wanted for my new design in case you hadn’t noticed ;). When people used to ask what the name of my blog is, I would kind of feel embarrassed to tell them. Have you ever felt that? There’s no way I’m alone on this. Then, once I would tell them, they’d give me this weird look because they didn’t get it. Which is completely understandable because after awhile even I was like, “Wait, why did I name my blog this again?” With this new blog title, there’s no more confusion!

So, why “Rachel Lately”? I mean, it’s pretty straightforward (which, again, is what I wanted). It’s me and my day to day outfits or what I’ve been up to as of late. As far as content goes, everything will continue as it has been with maybe a few new features I’ve been wanting to try out. This is still a style blog (with bits of my personal life here and there), I’m just getting rid of the clutter! Some bloggers like to start over from scratch with a completely new blog (and all the new accounts that go with it), but I’m choosing to just rename the one I currently have and deal with the old name still appearing in some places. My old domains will simply redirect to this new one! There may be a few kinks here and there, so please be patient! If you have any links to my blog coming from your own site, it would help me a lot if you updated the web address (or update your button if you have one)!

I really appreciate those of you who read my blog (some of you even since I started over 3 years ago!), and I hope you’ll continue to follow along! I’m excited to begin this fresh start with y’all! 🙂