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Carry on bag essentials for travel

I don’t really think there’s a need for a post on what you should bring in a carry-on bag; I mean, if you’ve traveled a bit before, then you probably have it covered all on your own. And if you own an iPad/tablet (I don’t), then you’re probably set for life on any trip you’ll ever go on, haha. I just wanted to do this for fun since I’m off to Boston today for a short visit to see Matthew, and these are a few thoughts that go through my head as I’m preparing my carry-on bag. Maybe you can relate!


Magazine – for quick amusement and to read about celebs who are “just like us!”

Book – for after you blew through the magazine in like 5 minutes.

iPod – to drown out the sounds of the baby crying behind you. Always be prepared for crying babies.

Hand sanitizer – for when the person sitting next to you sneezes without covering their mouth and you suddenly feel gross.

Watch – to check the time when your phone dies from playing too much Candy Crush Flappy Bird Kardashian Game whatever phone app is trendy right now.

Eye mask – whether you’re actually sleeping or just pretending, people won’t bother you.

Lip balm – when all the moisture in the world has left the plane, lip balm is your savior.

Gum – to ease the pain when you feel your head is about to explode from the change in altitude.


Am I forgetting anything? What can you not be without while travelling?