What to Wear | ACL Music Festival

what to wear to ACL, festival outfit ideas

Madewell Embroidery top (on sale) // Madewell denim boyshorts (on sale) // Old Navy floppy hat (in stores) // Taupe Birkenstocks via Nordstrom // Target floral backpack // Forever 21 floral print round sunglasses // Madewell lineup stacking rings (on sale) // Madewell weave belt (on sale)


This weekend is the start of ACL here in Austin, a 3 day long music fest similar to Coachella but without all the head dresses (still with plenty of flower crowns though). I haven’t been to ACL since I got a serious case of sunburn from it two years ago! Gahh I was such a rookie.

I had so much fun though, and the aloe vera I constantly had to apply for the week afterward was totally worth it. I bought a wristband to go this year, but after I found out my friends weren’t going anymore and the fact that it would be a week after I got my wisdom teeth taken out, I decided to sell it instead (#sadface).

Even though I won’t be attending ACL this year, I wanted to share a little post about what I would be wearing if I were still going.

In my case, I opt for comfort when I go to music festivals simply because if I don’t, I know I’ll just be miserable within hours. So for me, festival fashion is summed up just fine with an embroidered top, a floppy hat to shade from the sun, and comfy Birks.

I like to leave it to the accessories for standing out such as stacking rings, a woven belt, a floral backpack, & even some fun-framed sunglasses. It’s all in the details! That way you still look dressed for the occasion without looking over-dressed, ya know?

A few other things to remember when preparing for ACL:


Heels. You will be standing for hours upon hours, the least you could do is be comfortable.

Bringing your purse. It will just get in the way, and your back won’t thank you by the end of the day!

Rompers. Unless you enjoy fully undressing in a porta-potty! Yuck.

Don’t forget

Empty water bottle. They have refill stations, and you’ll definitely wanna keep hydrated!

Cash. It’s just easier. Most of the food vendors don’t even accept credit cards.

SUNSCREEN. I can not stress this enough. Don’t make the same mistake I did 2 years ago!


And there you have it! What’s your go-to style when attending a music festival/concert? Let me know in the comments! 🙂