i call this self portrait: “too lazy to crop out my deodorant”

Now that most people I know have seen it in person, I can finally share the news: I cut my hair! Like, a real haircut, y’all. I have not cut my hair this short since my freshman year of high school where I immediately thought afterwards, I will never cut my hair again. But I did it! My hair was originally long enough to reach the small of my back, and now it’s just a little past my shoulders. It has taken some getting used to, but it’s been awesome overall. I’m actually considering going shorter (eeek)!

If you ever decide to get a drastic new haircut, I recommend not posting about it to social media right away. I got this cut about 2 weeks ago (literally right after I took these photos, which sucks because I was having a good hair day that day, haha), and when I finally saw my friends, they were so surprised! But by then I had already grown used to my new hairdo, so it wasn’t a big deal to me anymore. Plus, it’s fun to see people’s reactions! One of my girlfriends even said, “Why didn’t you tell me?!” ha!

If you are thinking of going short, there are a couple pros/cons you should know first:

You look better in a turtleneck
Washing your hair is easier
Styling your hair is faster
You look more mature
People think you’re Emma Stone (not really)

No more top buns
Have to style it more often
No more long braids
You look more mature (lol jk)
People think you’re Johnny Depp (really)

Living without my go-to top bun has been difficult, but I’m fine without braids since I was always too lazy to braid my hair anyway. So what made me decide to cut my hair in the first place? I mainly got sick of all the upkeep my long hair required. Washing it was tedious, drying it took forever, and curling it was a whole event. Also, more & more pins of “lobs” and short cut style tutorials kept flooding my Pinterest feed, and the temptation grew everyday. I’ve had the same hair style for YEARS, and I finally became bored with it. Now I’ve noticed that lots of other girls & female celebs are going short, & it actually makes me feel more confident about my choice. And the best part? Hair always grows back. 😉