4 Year Blogiversary

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austin texas style blogger, austin fashion blogger, austin texas fashion blog

Y’all. I DID IT. I actually remembered my blogiversary! This hasn’t happened since my 1 year blogiversary back in 2012. Why I decided to start my blog on a random April Fool’s Day during my sophomore year of college, I’ll never know. But it’s been a fun journey, and I’m excited to see what’s next in store for this space of mine.

For this post I decided to list 10 random things you may not have known about me & this blog:

1. I discovered fashion blogging by Google searching, “what to wear with combat boots” ha!
2. The first blogs that inspired me to start my own were Selective Potential and Kendi Everyday.
3. In my first outfit post ever I wore a belt around my head.
4. My ex-boyfriend and I split the cost to buy our first DSLR camera (T2i); he didn’t know what I was intending it for at first. Then he became my personal photographer, haha.
5. I named my blog the first cutesy thing that popped into my mind right before creating it (“Daydream Frenzy”), and then a few months later I didn’t like it anymore.
6. For the first year, I never told anyone I knew that I had a blog.
7. In 2013 my motivation for blogging was at an all time low, & I ended up taking an unintended 4 month break when I started dating someone new & didn’t really care about anything else.
8. I’ve thought about quitting this blog twice.
9. This is my least favorite outfit post of all time. My top favorite changes occasionally, but my most liked/pinned outfit is this one.
10. My blog doesn’t have the audience that it used to back when I first started, but I genuinely love reading the comments of those who do stop by & checking out their blogs in return. 🙂

Here’s to another year! *insert confetti emojis here*