How to Deal With Blogger Burnout

how to handle blogger burnout


I am the queen of blogger burnout.

For every year I’ve been blogging there has been a short period of time where I was so over blogging that I would just stop for a couple months or I’d stuff my blog with a bunch of “filler” content that I didn’t even care about.

Blogger burnout happens to everyone.

Some people are better at handling it than others though; I’ve noticed bloggers who are obviously not into it (sometimes they’ll even say so), but they continue to blog anyway instead of taking a break.

Others, like me, just need a break sometimes. And that’s okay!

I’ve had lots of friends who have wanted to start a blog, and I get excited for each one of them because I think blogs are awesome and love how each one is unique to that person; however, I usually feel the need to let them know how blogs require a lot of commitment and it’s so easy to lose motivation.

But there are still ways you can gain that inspiration back rather than quitting altogether.

These are a few of my tips I try to keep in mind when I’m feeling burnt out in the blogging world:

Follow dedicated bloggers/Instagram accounts

Pretty standard reasoning: when you follow people who put a lot of effort into their blog content and images, then you’ll be motivated to try harder yourself. Not necessarily motivated to try and be better than them but instead to be your best self for your own benefit.

But with that said…

Don’t spend too much time looking at what others are doing

“Comparison is the thief of joy” is such an accurate quote. Yes, we love to follow our favorite bloggers, see what they’re up to on Instagram, and gain some inspiration from them, but when we spend too much time scrolling through their feeds, we start to feel (or at least I do) insignificant by comparison.

Thoughts like my photos will never look that great or I wish my life looked like hers, etc. just add to a “well, what’s the point?” state of mind which does us no favors. Remember, Instagram and blogs are meant to showcase our best selves and are only a sliver of what that person’s life is really like.

Pin outfits that you could actually see yourself recreate

This mainly pertains to style bloggers, of course. I used to pin anything and everything that I thought looked good on Pinterest. Some outfits I knew I could never wear because they were more on the “high fashion side” that is far from practical for me.

Now I pin with more intent, and I only look for outfit inspiration that I could actually see myself wearing.

Find & follow new bloggers

Style bloggers (or any kind really) who are just starting out are my favorite. I feel like they have so much optimism and commitment when they start, and they always brings a fresh perspective to the blogosphere.

New bloggers remind me of why I fell in love with blogging to begin with! These are also the bloggers who will comment back and take the time to have an actual conversation with you, so go leave a genuine comment on their blogs & make a new friend!

Set a schedule that fits your life

When I first started blogging, I thought it was all about getting the most content out there to share. I told myself I would post 4 times a week, and that got old real fast. Feeling obligated to blog so much makes me not want to blog at all.

Then I tried out 3 times a week, and it worked for awhile, but I started falling behind on that approach as well. Now I’ve found a happy medium in posting twice a week, and I feel less pressure because of it.

It all comes down to what works best for you and what you can realistically manage. Just be honest with yourself.

Change things up

Is your content lackluster to your standards? Have you had the same blog layout for a long time? Things like this could be the cause of your blogger burnout; you’re sick of the same ol’ thing.

This happened to me last year, I was bored with my blog layout and unsatisfied with my blog’s name. So, I changed it up to something I am way more happy with.

Find out whatever it is for your own blog that’s leaving you uninspired, and do something different with it! A fresh look can be all it takes to get you excited about blogging again.

When all else fails, take a break

If the thought of blogging doesn’t appeal to you anymore, or you feel like it’s a constant chore to come up with new content that you’re not even excited about, then it may be time to take a break. This doesn’t mean you have to quit completely, and you can come back whenever you feel like it.

Taking time off is a great way to collect your thoughts and prioritize what you truly want, and sometimes you’ll even come back with a new found motivation to continue blogging. It helps to let your readers know when you’ll be taking a break that way you don’t just disappear without a word (which I’ve been guilty of).

Just know that it won’t be the end of the world to take a break.


How do you handle blogger burnout?