Link Lovin


Even though blogging has been a bit slow on my end, I’m still constantly roaming around the blogisphere & internets reading about anything & everything. Here’s what I’ve been reading this week that has me feeling a refreshed sense of inspiration (or were just fun to read):

Help! I’m Addicted to My Phone! – “The average person spends about 23 days on their phone a year.” Geez! That’s intense. Savannah from Maeidae writes about how most of us are guilty of spending way too much time on our phones & how she is going to combat that issue instead of wasting time looking at a screen. 100% agreed!

Amy Schumer’s New Birth Control Sketch Is Hilarious – And Terrifying – I have always been a fan of Amy Schumer. Most of my guy friends think she only talks about sex (*rolls eyes*), but she’s also a feminist who calls out the absurdities of the patriarchy in her skits. Yes, we laugh, but we also think (and rage).

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Starting a Podcast – The title says it all. I’ve always been interested in average, everyday people who start a podcast, but I never knew what to ask or where to begin! This post told me everything I needed to know. Nicole is just the coolest!

100 Days of MyFitnessPal – My best friend Sheyna shares on her struggle with anxiety, weight, and her progress on how she has changed her relationship with food all with the help of the MFP app (not a sponsored post for those of you wondering). If you have tried every “get fit fast” trick in the book and nothing is working, give this post a read.

Anna Kendrick sums up Hollywood’s gender bias ‘Pitch Perfect’-ly – I have such a girl crush on Anna Kendrick. Did anyone else see her performances on that Lip-Sync Battle show? It was kind of incredible. Anyway, I loved reading her take on how women are treated in Hollywood.

25 Reasons Lucille Bluth Should Be Dubbed Mom Of The Year – No explanation needed.


This is kind of random to post here, but one of my photos is featured on the ModCloth website! It’s when you click on the “Outfit Photos” tab, and my pic is right above the option for Summer Trends. Pretty neat!

Happy weekend, everyone!