How to Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest

How to Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest, promote your pins on pinterest

1. Lengthen your images

Most of the photos I take for my blog are vertical for a reason. Longer images just get noticed more on Pinterest because they take up more space and are more likely to catch your eye. Your horizontal photos are very limited in terms of size, so they won’t get noticed much. I have found pins that are 1128 x 736 pixels are a great size to go with.

2. Put a pin-it share button somewhere on your site

I don’t understand why some bloggers refuse to implement a pin-it button. This frustrates me to no end. No one wants to save your image to their computer, then manually go to their Pinterest account to upload it, then type the description and the source of the photo. So much work!

Here is a short and EASY tutorial on how to make a pin-it hover button appear over all your photos. You’ll be doing your followers a huge favor.

3. Hide your face

Look away from the camera, wear some huge sunglasses, or just crop it out, but either way – hide your face. This pertains mainly to style bloggers, of course.

In my experience, I have found that my photos have a better chance at getting repinned when my face is not so apparent. Why? It helps the potential pinner able to picture herself wearing the outfit, like the this could be you! effect. I am also more likely to pin an outfit if I can imagine myself in it.

How to Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest, promote your pins on pinterest

4. Know when are the best times to pin

As a Social Media Director who handles clients’ Pinterest accounts, it is important for me to know when the best times to pin are. The most traffic for Pinterest occurs on Saturday evenings between 8-11pm.

There is also a spike in traffic during the weekdays in the after-lunch slump hours between 1-3pm. Weekday evenings after dinner when people are winding down for the day from 7pm – midnight are a great time to be pinning as well.

5. Put easy to find keywords in your descriptions

This one is pretty straight-forward. I mean, just think about the terms you search for when you’re looking for something. They are usually short, sweet, and to the point.

That’s what people in general look for. There’s no need to stuff your pin description with all the keywords, just stick to the basics. This makes your pins easier to find and less annoying to people who already follow you on Pinterest.

6. Repin your old pins

Your pins aren’t always going to get noticed as soon as you post them which is why it’s important to repin your old pins. For example, it’s nearing the end of summer and people are looking for autumn inspiration. In this case, it would be smart to go back a year or two to your old autumn-themed pins and simply repin them again for a chance to get seen.

You’ll more than likely have more followers than you did back then, so this content will be new to them although old to you.

How to Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest, promote your pins on pinterest

7. Keep your photos simple

The above photo is my most popular pinned image on Pinterest with over 700 repins. The outfit itself is nothing special, but it was able to catch the eye of so many because of it’s overall simplicity. The background is plain, and the outfit is something that a wide variety of people could see themselves wearing. The pose is simple as well, and notice how I’m also looking away from the camera (see tip #3)?

8. Don’t overthink the titles of your Pinterest boards

Speaking of keeping things simple, don’t complicate the titles of your Pinterest boards either. I mean, what are you more likely to search for: “Wedding Inspiration” or “Someday ♥” ? It’s a no-brainer.

Pinterest is capable of showing people full boards of what they’re looking for, and the ones with the exact word phrasing will be placed first.

You want people to see your pins? Start with getting people to see your Pinterest boards.

9. Upload multiple photos at once

Again, this is mainly for fashion bloggers. If you have a recent outfit post that you want to get seen on Pinterest, don’t just upload the best image of the bunch and call it a day. During the prime pinning times mentioned in tip #4, upload ALL the photos you took for that one outfit post.

This will do two things: 1) more people are likely to see your pins because they are all bunched relatively together, and 2) this gives pinners more options – they can choose which photo they like the best and pin accordingly.

Do this exact same step at a later prime pinning time, but to a different board that still relates to what you’re pinning.

10. You need to be pinning more

No one is going to see your pins if you don’t get more followers. How do you get more followers? You need to be pinning. A lot. And not just pinning anything, they need to be quality pins. Good images with good descriptions, these are what get noticed.

Pinterest will observe that you are an active pinner, and they will then recommend your pin boards (another reason to have decent board titles) to other pinners who are searching for the same type of images you just happen to be pinning.

How to Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest, promote your pins on pinterest

I wonder how many times I used the word “pin” in this post; probably way too many, haha. It is part of my job to know as much about Pinterest as I possibly can, so I wanted to share what I’ve learned with you all! I hope you found this helpful. Got some Pinterest promoting tips of your own? Share them in the comment section below! 🙂