Welp, I made it another year! 24 brought lots of new life experiences – both good and bad – and I can’t wait to see what 25 brings! I don’t even feel a year older, haha, they all start to blend together after awhile. I wasn’t sure what to post for today, so I took the easy way out and just compiled a list of 25 things I’m currently coveting. πŸ™‚ Here’s to being a quarter century year old! (Gahh, it sounds weird when you say it out loud…)

1. The perfect black suede booties. Need. This pair is cute as well.
2. I tried these under-eye gel pads once to reduce dark circles, and they really worked! Love ’em.
3. For the traveler in me, this 2016 Wall Calendar of places I’d like to visit.
4. For the frizzy hair I can’t control, this ranks high on my list.
5. I’ve been wanting to try out this primer for the longest time. I hear it’s amazing!
6. Loving these Ray-Ban sunglasses (in my dreams).
7. Because my most recent pair of black pleather leggings ripped. πŸ™
8. This “twin dancing girls emoji” pin. Because reasons.
9. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette has been on my wish list forever.
11. This vest is sure to earn me the respect of my family and friends.
12. The over-the-knee boots obsession continues (LOVE the black ones).
13. This book has been on my to-read list ever since it came out!
14. The Fitbit Zip. Sometimes simple is best.
15. Do I really need another beanie? Yes, yes I do.
16. A pair of nice, standard black heels since my mom hates my current ones.
17. These print illustrations of major cities I’ve visited. Ok, I haven’t been to Paris. Yet.
18. I NEED one of these for my phone so bad! And it’s so cheap!
19. A bit of glitz for New Years Eve, perhaps?
20. I could never have too much of this mascara. Hands down the best.
21. This pair of white Converse shoes has been on my radar for YEARS.
22. Face and eye masks from Sephora are my newest obsession.
23. A sequin dress so people will know how fancy I am.
24. This coat with faux fur collar is what dreams are made of.
25. And of course, Adele’s new album 25. IT WAS MEANT TO BE.