Greetings from Orlando

Hello from Florida! I probably should have planned this post for earlier in the week but I haven’t had time! This whole week I’m working a conference here at the Loews Portofino Hotel and I LOVE it here. I’ve never been to Italy, but this is what I imagine parts of it look like. I wish I could stay here forever! Also, it is freakin’ hot here in Florida! I went from wearing a sweater in Austin to wearing shorts in Orlando. Crazy!

In more exciting news, while here in Florida I made sure I had time to go to the new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios, Diagon Alley! Ahhhh it was amazing!! I will definitely be sharing photos soon. On Saturday I’m going to Islands of Adventure to see the other section of Harry Potter World, eeeep! Watch me nerd out on snapchat if you want, username: rachelxemma. Talk soon! xo